Bose Family Farm Testimonial

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Thank you for your great service during our Harvest Festival! This was our first experience using BPT, and definitely won’t be our last! We were very impressed with the quality and cleanliness of the units, and the prompt service when we called in for extra cleanings. More than one customer was overheard saying “That is the nicest porta-potty I’ve been in!”

Keep up the good work!

Heather Bose
Bose Family Farm

Wild West Events, Inc. Testimonial


You wouldn’t expect me to be talking about portable toilets, but I had NEVER had a compliment on portable toilets until we hired BPT. The PINK women ONLY toilets are a huge hit with the ladies. BPT has Better Portable Toilets. How? Bigger - better toilets, Better Service, Better Cleanliness , Better Ag toilets- plus BPT is locally owned with nice, nice people."

Whether you need BPT on a construction site, a wedding, sporting events, farms, nurseries, or in my case arenas and events, BPT is THE toilet I depend on. Anywhere you need Better portable toilets, give em a call at 541-929-2334. BPT Better Portable Toilets"

Wayne White
Wild West Events
PO Box 1194
Creswell, Oregon 97426

Fish of Albany Testimonial

September 15, 2014

BPT Portable Sanitation Services
6725 SW Philomath Boulevard
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Dear Friends,

Thank you for providing your equipment at the first Kids & Kritter Fun Run/Walk fair Saturday. The potties were a huge contributor to the convenience and fun at the event.

I say “fun” because that pink potty for females only was a great hit! Not only does it make perfect sense for us to have our own, but it has a sink and a mirror and flowers, making it SO FEMININE! I loved it and overheard many participants sharing high opinions of it and laughter - and excellent idea.

On behalf of the staff and volunteers for Kids & Kritters, I thank you for your ready participation and support of the fundraiser for Fish and SafeHaven Humane Society, It was successful, and the planners are already talking “next year”.


Annette Hobbs
Executive Director
Fish of Albany

Benton County Fairgrounds Testimonial

November 23, 2014

To All Concerned:

BPT Owner Brad Wilson and employee Chris Redding provided portable restrooms and hand washing equipment and services to the Benton County this past fair July30, to August 2, 2014.

In March of 2014, I approached Brad and Chris with a problem and possible solution, for over 20 years I have used portable hand washing stations at fairgrounds and facilities in both California and Oregon, and have accepted that they have limited usage and often run out of water or fill up their holding tanks well before our events were over.

I asked for a solution to this dilemma and purposed a solution of a self-contained trailer that was capable of 9 sinks and 500 gallons of storage for waste water. What they designed was fantastic; a few early bugs resulted in rave comments by our guests.

This along with their restrooms being of the first class quality from motion sensing lighting inside the portable restrooms, color coordinated “Pink for the Girls” (Real men don’t do it in a pink stall), as well as flowers that made them more appealing.

Their service was top notch, no complaints from anyone and a positive attitude from the top person, all the way down the guy that does the dirty work, always a smile and it was like they wanted to be here.

You or your guests, won’t be disappointed or embarrassed, in their equipment, services or presents at your next event.

Lonny Wunder
Lonny Wunder, Fairgrounds Manager

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire Testimonial

August 17, 2015

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire is an annual event with over 1000 participants and 10,000 patrons. It is a one weekend event. Our sanitation requirements take a lot of planning and we had been unhappy with our service when we found BPT.

BPT not only met our expectations but they also exceeded our expectaions. The units are clean and well maintained. The Units that BPT provided for our event were OUTSTANDING! Most units had lights, and water. The grey water tanks and hand washing stations are top notch.

The BPT manager and employee are fantastic! They are on time, friendly, and efficient.

We were so pleased with our BPT experience at our event that we decided to stay with BPT long term. The service and satisfaction from BPT is worth sticking around.

Thank you Chris and the whole BPT family for making our event even better with your sanitation services.


Jackie Hughes
Department of Office Drudgery
Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Safe Haven Humane Society

BPT Portable Sanitation

Thank you for bringing portapotties to the kids n Kritters Fun Run. As always, it is a much needed commodity/necessity.

Thank you for your generosity and support of worthy causes (Fish/SafeHaven).

Peggy Hanson
Board Member

Lebanon Chamber of Commerce

Hi Brad!

I just got a call from Western University COMP NW and she told me how pleased they were with your restrooms and services at commencement and they had gotten compliments from users.

I thought you might be interested to hear how pleased they were and pass that compliment along. Have a fantastic week!!

Mary Garner
Lebanon Chamber of Commerce

Guitars Under the Stars

August 8, 2015


Good Morning Potty People! I just wanted to personally thank you for your kick-ass porta pottys. We are at Cheadle Lake for the Guitars Under the Stars and of course had to use the PINK potty and what did I see pretty flowers looking back at me! Then I noticed the smell WHAAAAAT is this fabulous scent in a porta potty?!? Now I have had my fair share of always picking the worst "Shitters" as I have Crohns disease and have to get to a potty QUICKLY!

Your service is just AWESOME! The men and/or women are out there spiffing up the crappers right now and I'm so glad this venue chose you! Ohhhh I forgot... The clean water to wash our hands...2 thumbs up with that, plus the mirror! Whaaaaaat! Bam

I wish you well in the future and hope to see your name and PINK POOPERS everywhere one day! Please Thank your employees for us ladies!

Debbi DeChellis

Oregon Summer Concerts

Oregon Summer Concerts LLC retained the services of BPT for the 2nd annual Guitars Under The Stars Festival in Lebanon Oregon Aug 7th 8th and 9th.

I have been working for several years in the event world and have produced and or attended many many outdoor events. Typically at an event if the portable toilets are being mentioned it is because they smell, they are dirty, they don't have paper etc. I have never put on an event where so many people came up to me or one of my staff to mention how NICE the portable toilets were. Until I used BPT! Typically at an outdoor event with hundreds or thousands in attendance you field compliant after complaint about the bathroom facilities. This is not the case with BPT. I actually had several women hug me and thank me for bringing in such nice bathroom facilities for the ladies I am not exaggerating; I received hugs, not complaints! When you have as many responsibilities as an event coordinator does getting happy patrons and hugs instead of complaints makes your job a whole lot easier. BPT's Pink "Ladies Only" bathrooms are incredible! First of all they do not smell like a portable restroom, they don't really smell like anything at all. Second they have features that you don't normally see. The ladies rooms had sinks and mirrors and paper towel dispensers. They also had a hook to hang your bag and a shelf as well. Not to mention the flowers! I along with many other men at the event stated that we were going to sneak in there and use them. But then we looked at the facilities for the guys and were just as impressed. The handicap facilities were easily accessible and equally as inviting. The multi person Hand-washing Stations with lights and nice sinks for the food court area was also a huge hit. We put on a family friendly event, that means kids. Kids get dirty and the moms loved those multi person stations. BPT really brought out some impressive products and I never thought I would say that about the bathrooms at one of my events...the sound system maybe, the new RV's they bring backstage perhaps...the new and innovative stage equipment, sure.... but the bathrooms, really? Yeah! Really the bathrooms!! I was blown away!!


Wow, what can I say? These guys come in whisper quiet and serviced these units very quickly. When you are running an event you don't want certain things to take too long, emptying the bathrooms is one of those things. They not only worked very efficiently but they were very nice and professional. You get the sense they are definitely not your typical sanitation outfit. They were also able to provide RV dumping service for us and our RV campers; this was extremely useful to us. We had a 3-day event with over 20 bands and were running Multiple RV shower units to facilitate these folks. BPT kept our systems emptied and provided that service in a quick efficient manner. This allowed us to keep our foot to the floor and power through the weekend.

"I never use the bathrooms at outdoor shows, they gross me out. But when I got to Guitars Under The Stars and saw the Pink Ladies only restrooms I had to at least look inside. I not only used them all weekend but instead of a sense of panic when I had to go I actually experienced relief" Lorrie White - Guitars Under The Stars attendee

As you can see we were extremely impressed and highly recommend using BPT for your next event. No matter how big or small these guys are the professionals you have been looking for to handle your needs.

Jason Alan Cripe
Vice President
Oregon Summer Concerts LLC

Reid Veterinary

Dear Chris and the crew at BPT,

Thank you so much for lending your services for our Kids and Kritters Race!

You had many compliments on your toilets - especially the pink toilet with sink & flowers!

We appreciate your time and effort to deliver and pick-up the units. The race was a great success. We were able to write large checks to both Safe Haven and Fish of Albany "Snacks for Packs."

Nelly Harrington
Reid Veterinary Hospital

Hart of the Garden

November 12, 2015

I would like to recommend BPT as an outdoor facilities company. It has been almost a year since we switched to BPT for our portable toilets. The units we use now are a lot larger than the ones we had before, and also have portable sinks, so no need for additional washing stations. There are women’s and men’s units separately, and they were new and spacious and clean. Our hope was that BPT’s service would be as good as the units. And we have not been disappointed. Twice weekly and on schedule BPT is on the property cleaning and servicing each unit, never one missed.

Brad Wilson emails periodically to check up on their service and ask if there is anything they are missing. When our season gets busier and we need more units they are here when requested and added to the cleaning schedule. I have never had to call BPT with a problem or concern and that is truly amazing to me. I highly recommend their services to anyone interested in a great company doing a great job with great customer service. I don’t get to say that very often.

Janet Preble
Harts Nursery